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Scottish Terrier Puppies Available To Select Homes

All of our puppies are AKC registered. We do offer full AKC registration for people who wish to show or breed their puppy in the future. There will be an additional charge for full AKC registration. For more information in regards to full and limited AKC registration, please email or give us a call.

When it comes to providing people with a lifelong companion; no one does it better than Brister Family Terriers. We are one of the finest breeders of small and medium sized Terriers that have a heart and bark of giant while having the ability to be carry-on while boarding an airplane. Whether you are right here in Granbury Texas or anywhere else in the United States, we have the perfect companion waiting for you and your family.

Are you looking for a breeder that is much more than just a company with Scottish Terriers for sale? Here at Brister Family Terriers we are breeders that have a true love for the breeds of dogs we breed and make it our mission to eliminate genetic defects and behavior traits that make d

og ownership an unpleasant experience. All of our Scottish Terriers for sale are bred with extreme care from the selection of the male and female used as parents, the atmosphere surrounding the female while pregnant and even the care the puppies get while preparing to find the right home, everything we do is out of love and care of the breed. We truly supply a member of our family to become a member of yours.

The best thing about adding a smaller breed dog to your home is no matter what your living status is or how much living space you have; it’s always a perfect fit. All of our Scottish Terrier puppies for sale have the temperament and the drive to please their owners and blend perfectly into any household situation and become the instant center of attention. Don’t let larger breed dogs ruin your home and turn you off to dog ownership, let Brister Family Terriers give you a little guy that will fill your heart full of love and fill your home full of smiles.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please take a few moments and see all the great information about our kennel/family and all the Scottish Terriers for sale that make us who we are today. Our entire breeding program is centered on enhancing all the qualities that make owning a Scottish Terrier so special and eliminating the defects that unethical breeders and puppy mills have created. If you are looking for a lifelong companion from a breeder that is more of a Terrier enthusiast than a business person, you have come to the right place. Call us today!

Available Puppies

Puppies of  (Reba) & (Darth)   SCOTTISH TERRIER

Born –  July 23, 2022;  2 males & 6 females The 2 males are still available.

I have a picture of the boys on my Facebook page. Brister Family Terriers

Puppies of  (Milie) & (Knight)   SCOTTISH TERRIER

Due – September , 2022;   males &  females

Puppies of (Rose) & (Thor)   SCOTTISH TERRIER

Due – September , 2022;   males &  females 

Puppies of (Zellie) & (Darth)   SCOTTISH TERRIER

Born –  July 14, 2022;   3 males & 3 females ALL SOLD!!!

Puppies of (Mia) & (Thor)   SCOTTISH TERRIER

Born –  July 18, 2022;  3 males & 1 females ALL SOLD!!!!

Puppies of (Jinny) & (Thor)   SCOTTISH TERRIER

Born – June 20, 2022;  3 males & 4 females ALL SOLD!!!

Puppies of () & ()   SCOTTISH TERRIER

Due –   , 2022;   males & females 

Puppies of () & ()   SCOTTISH TERRIER

Due –   , 2022;   males & females 

Puppies of () & ()   SCOTTISH TERRIER

Due –   , 2022;   males & females 

Puppies of () & ()   SCOTTISH TERRIER

Due –   , 2022;   males & females 


Adults for Sale and Adoption – non at this time